Yoni Rusnak's Portfolio

Academic & Practical Works

Spit Press Tv (Web-asode)

Gaffa Gallery (Contributing Editor)


Spit Press Tv (Web-asode)

Kate Sylvester Interview (Contributing Editor)

Wedding Video (Short Extract)

The University conspiracy (Short Documentary)

short student documentary that reveals the inconsistencies of our preconceptions of University life

Sunday Mornings (Short Film)

A student Short Film about the awkward tension that lingers after a one-night-stand

Oceans Eleven (Re-Trailer)

(Not Copy righted) A comical reediting of the Oceans Eleven films to imply a romantic connection between George Clooney and Brad Pitt

Diver Theme (Web-asode)

A Web-asode for the Humanity organisation ‘Together For Humanity’